Mehul Lakhanpal

Mehul Lakhanpal's headshot

Mehul debated at Hawken School for four years and was the captain of his team as a senior. Throughout his career, he amassed 11 bids and qualified to NSDA Nationals his junior year, along with the TOC his sophomore, junior, and senior years. Most notably, Mehul championed the 2023 NCFL Grand Nationals, reached semifinals at the 2022 NCFL Grand Nationals, finals at the 2022 Barkley Forum for High Schools, quarterfinals at the 2022 Glenbrooks Speech and Debate Tournament, and quarterfinals at the 2022 Palm Classic. He also reached elimination rounds at the 2022 Apple Valley MinneApple Debate Tournament, the 2022 NDCA National Championships, and many more. Mehul specializes in flay and narrative debate, and is excited to teach at NSD!