Ilan Benavi

Ilan Benavi' headshot

Ilan Benavi debated at LC Anderson High School in Austin Texas. Over his four year Public Forum career, Ilan accumulated over 8 gold bids and qualified twice to the Tournament of Champions and Nationals, making it to elimination rounds at both. Most notably, he won the Florida Blue Key Round Robin and the Florida Blue Key Tournament without dropping a single ballot. Ilan was also top seed at the UT, Bellaire, and Stanford tournaments, and at his first 6 senior year tournaments went 32-32 in prelim ballots. He also won the California Round Robin, the California State University Invitational and the Winston Churchill Classic, while making finals at Stanford, TFA State, UT and semis at Apple Valley. Individually, he won top speaker at TFA State and the California Round Robin, while placing second at Blue Key and UT. Ilan attended NSD Texas and Philadelphia his junior and senior years, winning the camp tournaments at both. Ilan specializes in policy and theory debates, and is very excited to teach at NSD for the first time this summer!