Miguel Harvey

Miguel Harvey's headshot

Harvey (as his students know him) is the Director of Speech & Debate at LC Anderson High School in Austin, Texas. Harvey's PF students have championed or finaled TFA State, the University of Texas, the Strake Round Robin, Bellaire, Stanford, the Cal Round Robin, CSU, Winston Churchill, and the Cap City Round Robin, earned bids at Grapevine, Apple Valley, Blue Key, Berkeley, Bronx, Plano West, and Emory, and been Top Speaker at TFA State, Stanford, Churchill, and the Cal Round Robin. Harvey's interests in PF include framework debate, risk calculus, critical argumentation, research skills, and in-round strategy. Harvey also loves Star Wars, music, film, sports, and traveling with his awesome wife and kids. He's thrilled to see everyone in person this year for the first time!