Sully Mrkva

Sully Mrkva's headshot

Sully is a senior at Brentwood High School in Tennessee. During his four year tenure at Brentwood, he has accumulated 9 bids to the ToC, championing national tournaments like Mid America and Villiger, and reaching deep outrounds at a host of others including Bronx and Glenbrooks. Most notably, Sully qualified and broke at both NSDA Nationals and the Gold Tournament of Champions as a junior, reaching octafinals at the latter, and earning an Auto-Qual. Individually, Sully has also received speaker awards at Mid America, Glenbrooks, and The Cavalier Invitational. Sully attended Delta as a camper prior to his senior season, and he’s super excited to return as an instructor and work with y’all this summer!