We are known for providing fun and rigorous summer camps for students interested in becoming competitive debaters. Our track record speaks for itself.




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Conal's headshot

"I met friends who I still stay in contact with today. Compared to other debate camps, I would say NSD has a more rigorous curriculum - it was very challenging yet rewarding. NSD prepared me well for the two most important seasons of my debate career."

Conal Thomas-McGinnis
Alumni (5x), NSD LD Flagship

Emilin Mathew's headshot

"For parents thinking about sending their kids to camp, I’d 10/10 recommend it! It’ll help your child develop essential skills that further their debate skills and is a life experience that develops character and independence."

Emilin Mathew
NSD LD Flagship Alumni
Stanford' 26

Ari Azbel's headshot

"I attended NSD every summer of high-school, which played an essential role in my success. NSD does a great job at both hiring instructors with a wide array of talents and creating extremely well-thought out and diverse curriculums. I attended other camps but none compared to NSD."

Ari Azbel | Alumni (3x), NSD LD Flagship
Top 10 Ranked Debater in 2017-2018 Debate Season
Brown '21