NSD's Recipe for Success

Our curriculum is designed by a leadership team of classroom educators who have devoted their lives to educating children. We are guided by a core set of pedagogical values.


Our curriculum prioritizes creating opportunities for students to learn from - and teach - their peers in a collaborative environment that is overseen by our award-winning staff.

Active Learning

From practice rounds to individualized tutoring to small group drills to do-it-yourself guided coursework, all NSD curriculum is unified by the commitment to engaging students as active learners in their education.


Our programs are designed to rigorously engage students in a safe and fun environment. Every program requires students to read, to argue, to ask questions, and to learn from deliberate practice on relevant domestic and international issues.

Personalized Attention

We celebrate the unique needs of our students. Our adaptive curriculum is designed to flexibly accommodates differing learning preference. Each program has a combination of program wide, small group and individualized activities.


Our educational philosophy is rooted in inclusivity. Each NSD program creates an environment for students from all walks of life to come together and learn alongside teachers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives on argumentation and debate.

Academic Integrity

Our curriculum is designed to teach each student the key skills required to conduct academic research with integrity, including learning how to survey peer-reviewed research and accurately citing and representing academic and journalistic sources.