NSD Camp Scholarships

NSD is committed to providing need-based scholarships to students. Last summer, we offered over $40,000 in need-based aid and since founding, we have provided over $400,000 in need-based aids to students who want to attend NSD programs. The purpose of our aid process is to make our programs more accessible for people who genuinely cannot afford to attend. Accordingly, our aid process is strictly need-based. We award both partial and full aid packages. Each case is different, but, as a generalization from previous years, most students who received aid were in the bottom 50% of U.S. household income, and the largest aid awards went to people in the bottom 30% of U.S. household income. Sadly, it is also usually the case that demand for financial assistance exceeds what we are able to supply. To apply for aid, please email us at info@nsdebatecamp.com.

Once you have received a decision on your aid application, you will be able to choose whether to accept the award and pay your camp balance (if any), or decline. Please note that our financial aid application requires submission of your latest 1040 tax form (you should black out your social security information), and will also allow you to tell us any additional financial information you would like us to consider.