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Customized Summer Debate Training

NSD's Concierge Coaching is designed around 25 hours of 1-on-1 tutoring, which helps students identify and tackle their unique weaknesses.

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June 1 - Aug 31
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Bespoke, individualized summer debate training.

Access to Premier Faculty

Our concierge tutors are hand-picked by our Executive Director and have unparalleled track records as champinoship coaches and debaters.

Education Designed for You

From learning debate fundamentals to mastering advanced skills, the concierge program is designed specifically to fit your unique needs.

1-on-1 Attention

The core of our concierge program is focused, 1-on-1 attention with excellent instructors, ensuring consistent, structured practice.

Work With Your Schedule

Perfect for students with a full slate of summer commitments, we create a bespoke tutoring and practice schedule that fits your schedule.

Concierge Coaching was one of the most important factors to my success in debate. Being able to work closely with highly skilled and experienced instructors in a one-on-one setting meant that I received personally tailored feedback for each learning stage, and the instructors encouraged asking challenging questions during the process to develop deeper comfortability with the positions.

Julia Wu
B.A | Yale College
1st Place | New York City Invitational and Florida State Championship

Built for Student Success

Each NSD offering is built on a core set of values. Our Concierge Coaching program is designed to provide top level, one-on-one summer coaching for students who need flexibility in their summer schedule. With Concierge Coaching, students experience our most individualized summer experience, with a coaching schedule and tailored curriculum designed to fit each student’s needs. Utilizing our vast network of coaches and teachers, we meet with parents and students to craft a curriculum that best suits the needs of students, taught by coaches who are experts in the exact areas where improvement is needed most for a student.

  • Begin the journey to national excellence
    Whether a student is new to debate or a debate veteran, our expert coaching takes students to the next level on their journey to national-level competitive success
  • Custom curriculum, coaches to fit your needs
    With our network of excellent coaches and time-tested curriculum, find coaches and lessons that provide exactly what your student needs
  • Emphasis on practice and implementation
    Our coaching focuses on active, guided practice so students grow from implementing what they learn
Tom Evnen's headshot

Tom Evnen

NSD Director

University of Chicago

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Sam Azbel

NSD Online Director

Bowdoin College

NSD Concierge Coaching Syllabus

The heart of Concierge Coaching is 25 hours of one-on-one coaching time with our set of elite instructors, booked to fit your scheduling needs. Individual coaching is an excellent way for students to receive a curriculum customized to fit their needs, at a pace appropriate for them. Whether a student is seeking an introductory curriculum to the fundamentals of debate, or seeking advanced work on a series of specialized debate skills, each student’s individual tutoring program is tailored to fit their needs.

  • Access to tutors drawn from the pool of our summer faculty, which represents a selection of the best debate coaches in the country
  • Coaching sessions focus on a curriculum suitable to each student
  • Structured drills and practice to solidify improvement 
  • Supporting materials and assignments that students can complete between sessions
  • Flexible scheduling to fit into each student’s summer schedule

Concierge Coaching students can participate in up to 10 practice debates over the summer, judged by our expert instructors, who provide extensive round feedback on what students should do to improve. 

  • Rounds are paired based on skill level, so that students debate rounds with peer competitors 
  • Great opportunity for students to implement their new skills and receive feedback from experts on the arguments they have written
  • Each round is paired with structured, expert feedback on the details of each speech
  • Practice rounds provide excellent material for tutors to lead students through structured “redo” speeches, so that students make steady progress on debate skills

In elective seminars, students learn about niche topics–from debate strategy to philosophy to political theory–from specialist instructors. Students choose from a wide range of elective seminar options, so they can attend the seminars that most interest them. 

  • Seminar offerings provide options for students of every skill level, from novice to advanced varsity
  • Opportunity for students to chart their own course, and select topics in areas of debate and academia that spark their interest
  • Learn from faculty who are the most specialized in and passionate about the seminar topic area
  • With the introduction of concepts, example materials, and research tips, seminars are a great way for students to jump start their own work on a seminar topic

Students watch demonstration debates from our younger faculty, many of whom were recently nationally top ranked debate competitors. Demonstration rounds are moderated by senior faculty, who break down the round with students in-between speeches, answer student questions, and provide a post-round analysis.

  • Demonstration debates featuring recent top competitors help familiarize students with the camp topic, as well as high-level debate strategy and execution
  • Debates are divided by skill level, so that students receive demonstrations that are attuned to their level of background knowledge and their curricular needs
  • Expert moderation assists students in understanding demonstrations in-depth, speech-by-speech
  • Materials for demonstration debates (cases, rebuttal speech documents, etc.) are distributed to students, so that they can be used for student drills

To supplement their individual coaching sessions and practice rounds, Concierge Coaching students receive access to asynchronous resources that they can use to hone their skills, as their schedule permits:

  • Access to a private slack channel where students can ask our instructors questions throughout the summer
  • Access to our library of recorded lectures on specialized topics
  • Access to backfiles and topic research

With any camp registration, students receive free access to NSD’s Skill Builder pre-camp curriculum. Skill Builder features stand-alone curriculum modules intended for independent study, built by top faculty. At camp, we want our students focused on the most valuable aspects of our sessions: intensive, interactive instruction that amplifies and deepens students’ existing skill sets and builds new ones, learning deep skills in specialty areas from top faculty, and participating in a supportive learning community with peers. Skill Builder helps students solidify background skills ahead of camp, so students can focus on what matters most while they are at camp.

  • Purpose built by top debate coaches to help students improve their debate skills through focused, individual work
  • Step-by-step, easy to use modules with tools to improve their debate skills and arrive at camp ready to maximize their improvement
  • Includes drill materials and rubrics for self-assessment, so students can practice on their own
  • Great for students with skill areas they want to improve before camp, and for true beginners who who want an introduction to debate before camp
  • Helps students focus on the most valuable work at camp, not on catching up

NSD Concierge Coaching Pricing

All Events | Fully Online


  • Sessions between Jun 1-Aug 31
  • Tutoring to fit your schedule
  • Free Access to NSD Skill Builder
  • Payment Due Upon Registration

We are committed to providing low-income students with access to our camp programs through need-based scholarships. If you are interested in applying for financial aid, please view our scholarships page.