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Tutor with our expert staff year-round and improve on your schedule.

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Private Tutoring

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Online debate tutoring designed by champions.

Individual Attention

Private tutoring let’s families maximize individualized attention and structure education to target specific needs and weaknesses.

Flexible Scheduling

Online tutoring provides the flexibility necessary to rigorously develop debate-specific skills while having freedom to pursue other activities.

The NSD Guarantee

Our year-long tutoring provides families everything they love about NSD’s summer camps: best-in-class education and curriculum.

Championship Staff

Our year-long tutoring provides families everything they love about NSD’s summer camps: best-in-class education and curriculum.

Ari Azbel's headshot

NSD tutoring was integral to my success ass a debater. Because NSD hired the previous years' top debaters and every coach had a unique style, I gained a lot from 1-on-1 instruction.

Ari Azbel
Brown University (Class of 2022)
Top 10 Ranked Debater ('17-18 Season)

NSD Philly PF taught me a lot more than other camps and was more invested in helping each student improve. I really enjoyed being able to hang out with my friends after a day of learning. I plan to come back to NSD because I want to keep progressing outside of the debate season and I think NSD is an affective way to progress my skills.

Our track record speaks for itself.







Built for Student Success

Each NSD camp is built on a core set of values. Our Philadelphia PF curriculum provides a comprehensive and in-depth camp curriculum to teach students foundational and advanced PF debate skills. Our program is designed to enable students of all skill levels on their journey to competitive excellence in national circuit debate. Each student learns and rigorously prepares a camp topic, selected from the slate of upcoming topics for debate during the season, while refining debate skills and exploring academic fields relevant to our topic. Students learn our core curriculum, engage in structured practice activities, receive mentorship, and participate in practice rounds, all in small group, active learning environments.

  • Begin the journey to national excellence
    Whether a student is new to debate or a debate veteran, we have a curriculum track designed to take students to the next level on their journey to national-level competitive success
  • Core skills, with room for exploration
    Our core curriculum ensures student mastery of core debate skills, while our mentorship program, seminar system, and office hours provide students freedom and support to develop their own intellectual interests
  • Emphasis on active learning
    Our students do not sit in large rooms and listen to lectures; they collaborate, discuss, engage in structured practice, and argue–all in small group settings
Tom Evnen's headshot

Tom Evnen

NSD Executive Director

Swarthmore | U. Chicago

John Nahas's headshot

John Nahas

Philadelphia PF Director

UC Berkeley

NSD Tutoring At A Glance

Tutoring occurs one-on-one, giving students coaching time with our set of elite instructors, booked to fit your scheduling needs. Individual coaching is an excellent way for students to receive a curriculum customized to fit their needs, at a pace appropriate for them. Whether a student is seeking an introductory curriculum to the fundamentals of debate, or seeking advanced work on a series of specialized debate skills, each student’s individual tutoring program is tailored to fit their needs.

  • Access to tutors drawn from the pool of our summer faculty, which represents a selection of the best debate coaches in the country
  • Coaching sessions focus on a curriculum suitable to each student
  • Structured drills and practice to solidify improvement 
  • Supporting materials and assignments that students can complete between sessions
  • Flexible scheduling to fit into each student’s summer schedule

Students receive free access to NSD’s Skill Builder curriculum. Skill Builder features stand-alone curriculum modules intended for independent study, built by top faculty. Skill Builder helps students solidify background skills ahead of camp, so students can focus on what matters most while they are tutoring.

  • Purpose built by top debate coaches to help students improve their debate skills through focused, individual work
  • Step-by-step, easy to use modules with tools to improve their debate skills and arrive ready to maximize their improvement
  • Includes drill materials and rubrics for self-assessment, so students can practice on their own
  • Great for students with skill areas they want to improve on their own, and for true beginners who who want an introduction to debate
  • Helps students focus on the most valuable work during sessions, not on catching up


5-Hour Package


  • Dates: Year-Long
  • Via Zoom
  • Free Access to Skill Builder Curriculum
  • Payment Due Upon Registration

10-Hour Package


  • Dates: Year-Long
  • Via Zoom
  • Free Access to Skill Builder Curriculum
  • Payment Due Upon Registration