Jacob Smith

Jacob Smith's headshot

Jacob Smith graduated from Baylor University with a Master in Communication and a Bachelors in Political Science from the University of Oklahoma. Currently, Jacob is pursuing a PhD in Communication Studies with a focus on live-streaming cultures at Chapel Hill. While in debate, Jacob has had success with a wide range of argumentative styles, ranging from policy-style arguments to structural critiques. As a high school competitor, Jacob qualified for the TOC and was the Oklahoma State champion. As a college debater, Jacob ended his senior year as the 6th ranked team in the nation and participated in late elimination rounds at almost every national tournament. Jacob has coached teams to success in almost every event and every argumentative style. Notably, students of Jacob’s have achieved multiple top 20 rankings, speaker awards, and championships in both college and high school. During his time at Baylor, Jacob coached Baylor's award winning program to a first-round at-large bid and multiple speaker awards.