Bobby Missell

Bobby Missell's headshot

Bobby Missell was the president of Speech and Debate at Lambert High School in Georgia. He is attending Georgia State University. Bobby has debate in PF Debate for the past 6 years. During his time competing at Lambert, he qualified to the NSDA tournament 3 times and the TOC 4 times, collecting a total of 20 career bids. Some of his most notable accomplishments include Quarters at the TOC, Quarters at NDCA, Co-championing and receiving top speaker at Stanford, Semi-finals at the Florida Blue Key, Quarters at UPENN, and being ranked as high as 5th in the nation by the NDCA. Beyond experience as a debater, Bobby has spent the last 2 years as a substitutional coach for a variety of teams, ranging in both experience and age. Although he is well versed in all styles of Public Forum, he has always had an aptitude for technical debating. Bobby loves working with students on skills that further their abilities on the flow, including round vision, weighing, line-by-line, strategy, and progressive debate.