Giovanni Cutri

Giovanni Cutri's headshot

Giovanni Cutri is a junior at Duke University. As a debater, Gio was the team captain of Harrison High School’s debate team. Gio qualified twice to the TOC earning 13 career TOC bids. He won the Glenbrooks, Isidore Newman, Princeton, and Newark (he is the first Harrison debater to win this tournament twice); and has also reached late elimination rounds at Greenhill, Bronx, Apple Valley, Scarsdale, Blake, Lexington, Emory, and Harvard, among other tournaments. Additionally, Gio was the top speaker at Blake, Lexington, Isidore Newman, and Ridge, and was 5th speaker at the 2020 TOC and 9th speaker at the 2021 TOC. He was also the National Speech and Debate Association's #1-ranked Lincoln-Douglas debater both nationally and in New York State. In his free time, Gio is an avid follower of politics and enjoys going on runs.