Jackson Hanna

Jackson Hanna's headshot

Jackson is a rising junior at Weber State University in Salt Lake City studying computer science. He debated in high school for 4 years, spending his first 3 in policy debate, making it to multiple bid rounds and receiving speaker awards at major tournaments. As a senior Jackson switched to LD and in his first year was invited to round robins around the country, received multiple top 10 speaker awards and multiple bid round appearances. Jackson debated an extremely flexible style and was comfortable with a diversity of arguments and strategies with a heavy emphasis on research oriented strategies whether it be a kritik catered towards the aff or a beefy process counterplan for the affs mechanism. He has been a coach on the DebateDrills Club Team since 2020 and has worked closely in helping DebateDrills' students qualify to the TOC. When not doing schoolwork or debate work Jackson loves to Ski and spend time outdoors with his dog.