Elliot Beamer

Elliot Beamer's headshot

Elliot Beamer currently attends Duke University and debated at The College Preparatory School in Oakland, CA, serving as Public Forum team captain his junior and senior years. Elliot earned 10 gold bids, 7 in his senior year, and broke to TOC outrounds his junior year. Elliot reached quarterfinals of Apple Valley, the Barkley Forum, and Berkeley, semifinaled ASU, and won the Nano Nagle Invitational, the James Logan Invitational, and the California Round Robin. Elliot now coaches at Durham Academy. Five of his teams have qualified to TOC this year and Durham has won Yale, Princeton, Blue Key, and Sunvite. Elliot has experience with all styles of debate, and is especially excited to teach judge adaptation and round strategy this summer.