William Pirone

William Pirone's headshot

William Pirone is a senior debater at the College Preparatory School in Oakland, California. As a leader of his school’s Varsity Public Forum team, he has been ranked as high as #3 in the nation, championing tournaments like Apple Valley, Jack Howe, and Glenbrooks, as well as quartering the Gold TOC and semifinaling the California, Kandi King, and Strake Jesuit Round Robins. Other notable accomplishments include finaling Presentation, semifinaling the Sunvitational, and finishing Top 20 at NSDA Nationals. He enjoys teaching both traditional substance debates and theoretical ones, with experience reading all sorts of arguments throughout his three years debating on the national circuit. William also has lots of experience coaching privately and through his school. As a camp alum, he is looking forward to returning to NSD as an instructor this summer!