Teddy Wallen

Teddy Wallen's headshot

Teddy Wallen debated for four years at Durham Academy in North Carolina, where he was captain of the Public Forum team. He has been ranked as high as #1 in the nation, championing eight national tournaments including Yale, UK, and Sunvite (twice). He also won Top Speaker at Harvard, was a two-time semifinalist at Emory’s Barkley Forum, reached finals of NDCA Nationals, and qualified to the TOC three times. His other notable accomplishments include being a two-time state champion, earning over 10 bids to the Gold TOC, and receiving top-10 speaker awards at over 10 national tournaments. As an instructor, he enjoys teaching substance/policy debate, worked at NOVA Debate Camp for two years, and has coached students of all levels to national success. Teddy loved his experience at NSD and is looking forward to returning as an instructor!