Harun Vemulapalli

Harun Vemulapalli's headshot

Harun Vemulapalli debated for Dutchtown High School in Louisiana for four years. They did traditional debate for the first two years, qualifying to the National Catholic Forensic League, reaching the finals of the state tournament, and championing numerous local tournaments. They debated on the national circuit the last two years, and qualified to the Tournament of Champions their senior year. Notable tournament performances include reaching semi-finals of Apple Valley and quarter-finals of Glenbrooks, clearing at numerous TOC-bid tournaments, getting top speaker at Greenhill, and being invited to the Harvard and Blue Key Round Robins. Their debate interests include postmodernism, kritiks, topicality, non-topical positions, strategy, and theory. Outside of debate, they like to watch movies, run, and hang out with friends.