Leah Yeshitila

Leah Yeshitila's headshot

Leah has debated for Garland High School for 4 years, where she serves as the President of the debate team. She has accumulated 6 bids, and qualified to the Tournament of Champions twice, clearing to Semifinals of the TOC her junior year. She co-championed the Glenbrooks and Grapevine, and routinely advanced to late elims at numerous other bid tournaments. She has been invited to numerous Round Robins, and qualified to TFA state twice. Leah is the president of W.in and the co-founder of the Online Debate Institute. Her debate interests include Afropessimism, Afro-optimism, Black Feminism, policy style arguments, and T/Theory. Her hobbies include mentoring younger debaters, playing the piano or writing arrangements of songs, research, and working out.