Raiyan Choudhury

Raiyan Choudhury's headshot

Raiyan is a senior at BASIS Chandler in Arizona and incoming freshman at Duke University. During his 3-year debate career, he has accumulated 9 bids (4 gold, 5 silver) to the Tournament of Champions, ranking as high as #9 in the nation. Most notably, Raiyan championed Nano Nagle, placed top 40 NSDA Nationals as a junior, and reached deep outrounds at Blake, Harvard, ASU, Mid America, and more. Individually, Raiyan has also received top-5 speaker awards at UK, ASU, and James Logan. Within his school, Raiyan was the co-founder and captain of his school Public Forum Program where he developed lesson plans and taught debate fundamentals to novices. While coaching, Raiyan's students have won novice Stephen Stewart and competed at Varsity States. Raiyan has also coached previously at NOVA, developing a passion for analyzing technical rounds with students and going over backhalf round strategies. Prior to his senior season, Raiyan  was part of NSD's Epsilon Lab, and he’s excited to return as an instructor and work with y’all this summer!