Sean Lee

Sean Lee's headshot

Sean debated for the Horace Mann School in New York City and was the President of his team as a senior. He amassed 8 career bids and qualified to the TOC his sophomore, junior, and senior years, as well as NSDA Nationals his junior year. Sean has reached semifinals at Harvard (2023) and the New York State tournament, quarterfinals of the Silver TOC, and reached elimination rounds at Princeton, Penn, Stanford, Lexington, Blue Key, Yale, and more. Sean has extensive experience coaching debaters as the head of a 110-member team, a coach at local Bronx schools, and as the head of the Debate Accessibility Project, an initiative dedicated to helping debaters create or improve existing debate programs. He is especially well-versed in lay, flay, and narrative-based debate, and looks forward to teaching at NSD!