Arman Tendulkar

Arman Tendulkar's headshot

Arman debated for four years at Newton South High School in Newton, MA, serving as Varsity Captain for 50+ debaters his senior year. Over the last two years, Arman received 7 bids, qualifying to the Tournament of Champions (Gold Division) his junior, and senior years. Notably, Arman championed the Lexington Invitational Debate Tournament (2022), the Byram Hills Invitationals (2021), the MA Varsity States Debate Tournament (2021 and 2022), was the top seed at the Lexington Invitational Debate Tournament (2021), and placed 17th at the National Catholic Forensics League Debate Tournament. He has reached deep out rounds at Manchester Essex, Blake, Lexington, and Columbia, and received top 5 speaker awards at Lexington and MA States. Outside of competing, Arman has taught debate to students for three years. From creating a local Middle School team to founding a national online camp his sophomore year, he has taught in total 200+ students how to debate.