Mac Hays

Mac Hays's headshot

Mac Hays competed for 4 years in Public Forum at Durham Academy, placing 4th at NSDA Nationals and championing various national circuit tournaments. Since then, he has been coaching PF teams and competing for Brown University in American Parliamentary Debate (APDA) at the college level, being recently elected as the President of the Brown Debating Union. Throughout his 3 years of coaching, Mac has coached at dozens of sessions of debate camps and has privately coached teams to earn over 100 bids to the TOC. The partnerships he has coached have championed dozens of national circuit tournaments, achieved multiple top-10 finishes at NSDA, and earned various gold TOC breaks. Recently, he helped start a debate program at Methacton with a partnership that went on to qualify to NSDA nationals after competing at just 3 prior tournaments. In APDA, Mac was the highest ranked sophomore in 2022, ranked 3rd in the nation throughout the season. Throughout his college debate career, he has championed 9 tournaments, twice finished in the top 3 at APDA nationals, and top spoke the 2023 APDA nationals. In 2023, he was awarded a peer-nominated distinguished service award for positive contributions to the debate community. He has also dabbled in various other debate styles, including British Parliamentary (BP), in which he was ranked top 50 in the world at the Madrid WUDC in 2023 after having competed in BP only once before. He now serves as an assistant PF coach for American Heritage Broward and is excited to continue coaching this summer at NSD.