Joseph Donowho

Joseph Donowho's headshot

Joseph Donowho competed in public forum for Strake Jesuit for four years and qualified to TFA State four times, NSDA Nationals twice, and the Tournament of Champions twice. Donowho made it quarterfinals of the Glenbrooks tournament, finaled at the Grapevine tournament, and co-championed at the University of Houston tournament. For the past four years, Donowho has helped coach the Strake Jesuit public forum team,  during which time the team won TFA State four times, reached finals at the TOC, championed Yale, Florida Blue Key, Emory (twice), the University of Kentucky, Durham (twice), the Cavalier Challenge, the University of Texas, Mid America Cup, Holy Cross (LD), St. James, Katy Taylor, Bellaire, the University of Houston, and Hockaday.