David Herrera

David Herrera's headshot

David Herrera debated for Strake Jesuit College Preparatory for four years. During his career, he qualified for Tournament of Champions twice, reaching Quarterfinals as a junior, auto-qualifying his senior year, and accumulating 7 career bids. He reached elimination rounds at various tournaments, including semi-Finals of UT, semi-finals of UH, semi-finals of Valley, quarterfinals at Lex, octa-finals of St. Marks, octa-finals of Greenhill, octa-finals at Glenbrooks, and many more. He has also received numerous speaker awards including, but not limited to, second speaker at St. Marks and top speaker at UH. David’s argument specialties include Critical literature, theory, policy-style debate, philosophy, as well as traditional debate. In his free time, David enjoys fixing things and playing tennis. As a previous NSD student, David is excited to return as an instructor!