Giselle Paulson

Giselle Paulson's headshot

Giselle debated for five years at Horace Mann, consistently achieving tournament successes including reaching semifinals at Harvard and quarterfinals at the Silver TOC, championing Hudson Valley, breaking at Nationals, and championing both NSD 2021 Camp Tournaments (she’s most proud of those two). Giselle also received numerous speaker awards, such as Best Speaker at the Silver TOC, 3rd Speaker at New York States, Best Speaker at Lexington, 8th Speaker at Harvard, and Top 20 Speaker at the Gold TOC. Overall, her and her partner ranked 17th in the country (according to a somewhat suspicious website). Now President of the 110-member Horace Mann debate team, Giselle has coached 6th-11th graders extensively throughout high school. She is well-versed in all forms of debate, but is most fond of analytical responses and in-round strategies that rely on logic rather than evidence. As a debater who loved attending NSD, Giselle is excited to return as an instructor!