Ryan Jiang

Ryan Jiang' Headshot

Ryan debated for Edina High School for 5 years in Public Forum Debate, qualifying for the Tournament of Champions 4 times with 14 career gold bids. Throughout his career, he captained the team and won the National Speech and Debate Season Opener, New York City Debate and Speech Invitational, Apple Valley Tournament, Dowling Catholic Paradigm, and Milo Cup, semi-finaled the Florida Blue Key Tournament and Round Robin, and reached late elimination rounds at tournaments like Glenbrooks, Yale, and the TOC. Individually, Ryan top spoke Minnesota sections and districts and Apple Valley, and earned second speaker at Bronx and Dowling. He prefers substantive debates but has had his fair share of theory and kritical rounds. He's also a former NSD alumni and is looking forward to coming back to camp this summer!