Justin Zhang

Justin Zhang's headshot

Justin Zhang competed for 4 years at Seven Lakes High School in Houston, TX, serving as captain in his junior year. Throughout his career, he’s amassed 7 gold bids and 10 silver bids to the Tournament of Champions. He has received top 10 speaker awards to multiple national tournaments including 9th at Blue Key, 7th at Nano Nagle, 4th at Apple Valley, 2nd at Stanford, and 1st at Milpitas. Most notably, he championed the 2020 Nano Nagle Round Robin Tournament, 2021 Grapevine National Tournament, and 2021 Plano West National Tournament. He also has extensive experience in coaching teams through teaching middle school students at the state and national level. Justin attended Delta as a student prior to his junior year, finaling the camp tournament, and is extremely excited to be back as an instructor this summer!