Jasper Datta

Jasper Datta' headshot

Jasper Datta debated for four years at Newton South High School in Massachusetts. Over his career, Jasper has qualified to the TOC twice and accumulated 8 bids to the Tournament of Champions. Most notably, he championed Columbia and the Presentation Round Robin, finaled Blake, and reached deep outrounds at a host of other tournaments including Yale and Princeton. Additionally, Jasper placed 3rd at the Gold Tournament of Champions, and placed 16th at NSDA nationals his junior year. Individually, Jasper received a handful of top-10 speaker awards at major national circuit tournaments. As a coach, Jasper's students have reached late outrounds at tournaments across the country and qualified for the TOC. Jasper attended Delta prior to his senior year, and is thrilled to be returning to camp as an instructor!