Ishan Dubey

Ishan Dubey's headshot

Ishan Dubey debated at Strake Jesuit in Houston, Texas. Ishan has 25 gold bids. His most notable post-season accomplishments include winning TFA state, reaching finals at TOC, and placing 7th at NSDA nationals. Ishan has also championed Yale, Florida Blue Key, Emory (twice), the University of Kentucky, Durham (twice), the Cavalier Challenge, the University of Texas, Mid America Cup, Holy Cross (LD), St. James, Katy Taylor, Bellaire, the University of Houston, Hockaday, and the Delta camp tournament. He also reached finals at Sunvite and Glenbrooks and has picked up multiple top-speaker awards along the way. Ishan coaches on the side and has taught at Strake's debate camp every summer. Although familiar with everything, Ishan specializes in technical, flay, and most progressive styles of debate.