Sahil Sood

Sahil Sood's headshot

Sahil competed in PF for Lambert High School and will be a freshman at Harvard University in the Fall. He was ranked first in the country for PF by NDCA and Debate Drills, and second individually by the NSDA. With 12 career bids, Sahil championed Princeton, Glenbrooks, the Harvard RR, and Grapevine. He also became the first debater in tournament history to win Bellaire without dropping a single ballot. He reached semis at Columbia, the National NDCA Championship, Florida Blue Key, Peach State, and the Silver Tournament of Championships. He qualified three times to the ToC, breaking at Gold ToC his junior year. He was first speaker at Columbia, 5th speaker at the National NDCA Championship, and 8th speaker at Emory. Sahil hosted his own debate summer camp for novices, mentored 6 students through The Debate Group, and coached 3 teams to getting their first bids. He is primarily a second speaker that specializes in policy and technical debate, and he is very excited to teach at NSD this summer!