Zion Dixon

Zion Dixon's headshot

Zion Dixon debated at Strake Jesuit for 4 years in LD, where he was the team captain his senior year. He qualified to TFA state 4 times and the TOC three times. During his career he won the TOC and the TFA State tournament, as well as winning the top speaker award at both tournaments. He has accumulated over 22 bids and won or co-championed Bluekey, Greenhill, Glenbrooks, UT, Churchill, Lexington, and Grapevine (twice!). He has also been top speaker at 6 bid tournaments including Harvard, St. Marks, and Glenbrooks. Zion’s debate interests are primarily Ks, performance debate, and theory with a focus on antiblackness. He also has experience with tricks, theory/topicality, and most K literature bases. He is an alum of NSD top lab and excited to teach this year! Outside of debate, Zion likes to run, spend time with friends, listen to music and read.