Cecilia Granda-Scott

Cecilia Granda-Scott's headshot

Cecilia Granda-Scott debated at Ransom Everglades in Miami, Florida for 3 years, amassing 7 gold bids in her senior year. This year, Ceci and her partner Nicole were the first female team in the country to qualify to TOC! Ceci reached semifinals at Nova Titan and Durham, quarterfinaled Holy Cross and the Tradition, octofinaled Yale, Blake, the Sunvitational, and Harvard, and reached outrounds at Blue Key, Bronx, and Emory. Coaching younger debaters at Ransom, Ceci’s students have quarterfinaled novice Blue Key and Princeton, won Florida Novice States, finaled JV Nova Titan, and competed at Varsity States as freshmen. Ceci was a camper at Delta last summer, and is super excited to return as an instructor!