Vivian Yellen

Vivian Yellen's headshot

Vivian Yellen debated for four years at The Bronx High School of Science in New York City. As a junior and senior, she was a captain of Public Forum, and in her senior year, she served as President of the entire team of 400 students—ranked 1st in the country by the NSDA. Most notably, Vivian placed 10th at Nationals in 2021, and reached octofinals at both the 2022 Grand Nationals and the 2022  Gold TOC, receiving three separate TOC auto-qualifications. In addition, she has received gold bids at tournaments such as Glenbrooks, Harvard, and Durham. Students taught by Vivian on both her team and during summer programs have gone on to receive multiple TOC bids, speaker awards, and qualifications. Vivian loves to come up with creative case strategies, and help students with developing skills in weighing and round vision. She also has experience in theory and other more progressive forms of argumentation.