Sophia Rubinstein

Sophia Rubinstein's headshot

Sophia Rubinstein debated for Ransom Everglades in Miami, FL for four years. Over the course of her career, she accumulated 5 gold bids to the Tournament of Champions, and 3 silvers. During her junior year, Sophia reached semifinals at the Florida State Tournament, and was the top seed at the Silver Tournament of Champions. In her senior year, Sophia qualified for the Gold TOC, championing the Blake Invitational and the Blue Key Round Robin, semifinaling the Blake Round Robin, and making deep outrounds at national invitationals including Glenbrooks, Princeton, and Blue Key. Individually, Sophia won second speaker the Blue Key Round Robin, and has won top-10 speaker awards at numerous tournaments including Blue Key. Sophia was in Delta’s Epsilon lab prior to her senior year, reaching semi-finals of the camp tournament, and she’s excited to return as an instructor!