Sophia Polley-Fisanich

Sophia Polley-Fisanich's headshot

Sophia Polley-Fisanich debated for three years at Walt Whitman High School in Bethesda, Maryland. Over her career, she qualified to the Tournament of Champions three times, earning 12 gold bids and ranking within the top ten nationally during her junior and senior year. She won the Mid America Cup twice, was a finalist the Harvard Round Robin, was a semi-finalist at both Blake and the Blake Round Robin, and earned speaker awards at all of the above. Notably, she was second speaker at Mid America Cup and the Blake Round Robin, and top spoke the Blake Invitational. Additionally, Sophia reached late elimination rounds at countless national tournaments including Harvard, Stanford, Villiger, Bellaire, and Laird Lewis. She has extensive experience instructing young debaters, having taught at debate camps, mentored and coached teams with a variety of skill levels, and served as the captain of Whitman’s debate team. Sophia was a student in Delta’s Epsilon Lab prior her junior year, and is super excited to return as an instructor!