Sim Guerrero

Sim Guerrero's headshot

Sim is an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University where they are double majoring in Public Health and Africana Studies. They are the President of the JHU debate team and before competing in college parliamentary debate, they competed in Policy and Public Forum for Westview in Portland, Oregon. Since graduating high school in 2019, Sim has remained an active coach and judge across all debate formats. Sim is very proud of their students, whose achievements include going as far as finals of NDCAs and earning a full ride to Baylor on a debate scholarship – their students have collected plenty of breaks and speaker awards at both national circuit and local tournaments along the way. Sim’s proudest moments of their judging history are not squirreling in the PF Finals of the TOC 2022 or the LD Finals of NDCA 2022. Sim is very excited to see y’all in Texas! Come chat with them if you’d like to learn more about progressive argumentation, research, and applying debate skills in academic/professional contexts.