Sebastian Frazier

Sebastian Frazier's headshot

Seb debated for La Salle College Preparatory in Pasadena, California. He competed in outrounds at many national circuit tournaments, including early outrounds at NSDA Nationals, Emory, & Yale, octofinals at ASU, Bronx, Jack Howe, & the TOC, quarterfinals at Berkeley, Presentation, & UNLV, and both semifinaled and championed the prestigious Peninsula Invitational. During his senior year as the captain of his team, he broke at every tournament he attended, earning four bids and four speaker awards in six tournaments. Seb has been coaching since his senior year of high school. His teams have amassed over 10 bids, breaking to outrounds at both NSDA Nationals and STOC. They have reached finals at Villager & UOP, as well as semifinals at the Nano Nagle Invitational and the California State Tournament, collecting many speaker awards along the way. Seb has been an instructor at debate institutions since 2019, and has been a part of Delta since the inaugural session. Within this space, Seb makes it a priority to ensure that debaters are equipped with the life skills they need to prioritize their health, both mentally and physically. Outside of debate, Seb loves to play basketball, and is a big fan of mixed martial arts and Formula 1 racing. He is looking forward to meeting the next generation of great debaters this summer!