Ruth Dai

Ruth Dai's headshot

Ruth competed in Public Forum for four years at Thomas S. Wootton High School in Rockville, Maryland, serving as captain during her junior and senior years. Her notable achievements include ranking as high as 3rd in the nation her senior year, earning 7 career bids to the TOC (qualifying 3x), and amassing 10 speaker awards including at GTOC, Yale, and Georgetown. Additionally, she has reached deep elimination rounds at many tournaments including the University of Kentucky, University of Pennsylvania, and Georgetown University while championing Lewis & Clark and Bingham. As a coach and captain for Potomac Debate Academy, she specialized in teaching casewriting, back-half strategy, and developing round vision, mentoring a team of 400+ elementary, middle, and high school debaters to reach deep outrounds at the local and national level. Ruth is excited to work with students this summer at NSD!