Eli Glickman

Eli Glickman's headshot

Eli debated for two years at Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School in Maryland, serving as a co-capitan. Over his career, Eli has amassed 13 gold bids to the Tournament of Champions and 2 autoquals. During his first season, Eli reached quarterfinals of the TOC and 12th place at NSDA Nationals. After attending Delta Debate Academy the summer before his senior year, Eli went on to win Glenbrooks, the Strake Round Robin, Blake, Emory, Durham, Stanford and Harvard. He also finaled the Durham Round Robin and reached semifinals at the Ivy Street Round Robin, Millard North and Bronx Science. Individually, Eli top spoke Millard North, won 3rd speaker at the Harvard Round Robin and UK, and 4th at Yale and the Presentation Round Robin. Eli leads the nation by nearly ever metric including bids and tournament championships, and has accumulated more NDCA points than any other PF team in history. Recently, Eli set the record for most bids attained in a single year, and was also named the Chesapeake District student of the year.